Take a look and be amazed

Our customers have a variety of different wishes - but CABINET’s specialist retailers have just as many opportunities in store for them.

A visit to the specialist retailer in Hamburg

Rather than by looking at a catalogue, what makes the CABINET systems so special can be experienced much better on site in our shops. There, you can see, touch and try out all of our colours, décors and special features in person. The CABINET experts devise individual and often surprising solutions for your rooms - tailored exactly to your personal wishes and requirements.

On a surface area of 300 square metres, located between city hall and the Elbphillarmonie, just a stone’s throw away from the HafenCity and thus right in the heart of Hamburg, the specialist CABINET shop invites you dream and revel in thoughts and emotions. In our light-flooded rooms, our customised, built-in wardrobes and cupboards are presented in all their breadth and depth. You can feel and take a look at samples of any conceivable décor and can also experience and try out special features on the actual, physical object. No wonder that some can hardly hold back their enthusiasm: “Wow, this is so cool”, exclaims our customer Jennifer Feldmann, for example, as owner Horst Schulna demonstrates the clothes lift to her. Thanks to this device and its simple mechanics, the upper clothes rail of a wardrobe with a height of three metres can simply be lowered to eye level in just one easy step.

In the shop, every cabinet is a marvellous experience

Customers are not only thrilled by the countless examples of cabinets in the CABINET showroom but also greatly appreciate the high level of creativity and intuition of the CABINET customer advisers, which allows them to develop exactly the solution that the customers are looking for.

Practical solutions

Jennifer Feldmann especially appreciated the rather plain models on display: “I’m not exactly into girly stuff”, she says, laughing. “For me, it’s nice if furniture is pretty, but it must also be functional.” The absolute eye-catcher of the showroom, a generously sized dressing room with a romantic design and crystal handles from Swarowski as well as a sparkling chandelier, impressed her - however, she still prefers practical solutions, such as hiding your walk-in wardrobe behind the head end of the bed. In the showroom, these and many other ideas for cabinets and wardrobes are not only there for you to marvel at but to truly experience: “Of course, there’s a huge difference between looking at furniture in a catalogue or online, or seeing and touching a cabinet system in person here in the shop", Jennifer Feldmann explains.

Schulna was more than happy to show the interested visitor every detail of the cabinets on display - from the extendable clothes rack, which allows you to air out your clothes on the outside of the wardrobe, to the laundry bag and the belt and tie holder. “Whatever our customers need - we can make it happen”, he explains. Schulna knows what he is talking about, seeing as it’s already been almost 25 years since he started working in the Hamburg shop, which started out as the very first CABINET partner business 40 years ago.

Prioritising individuality

Horst Schulna has just advised a married couple on the dressing room they want to have installed. “We like to surprise our customers by coming up with intelligent solutions for their rooms which they would never have thought of themselves”, he emphasises. “Some people don’t have any concrete ideas when they come into our shop. Others know exactly what they are looking for.” Whether the wardrobes must be dimensioned in such a way that the neatly folded clothes coming from the dry cleaner’s exactly fit into it, or whether a musician needs a cabinet that his French horn fits into - any wish can be fulfilled here.

“We like to surprise our customers by coming up with intelligent solutions for their rooms which they would never have thought of themselves”

Horst Schulna
Owner of the CABINET shop in Hamburg