[Translate to en:] Schrank nach Maß freistehend mit Türoberfläche Beton und Eiche
  • Door programme: MILANO in colour "Golden Beige"
  • Panelling in colours “Concrete” and “Oak Concerna”
  • Interior system: INTERIOR in "Terra Structure" with edges in the colour "Satin Gray Structure"
[Translate to en:] Esszimmer-Schrank nach Maß Glas Weiß Matt und Robigo Rost-Rot
  • Door programme: VOLTUNO chrome-plated
  • Upper panelling in colour “Glass White Matte”
  • Lower panelling in colour “Robigo”
  • Interior system with CABlspot lighting
[Translate to en:] freistehendes Innensystem INTERIOR in der Farbe Terra Struktur
  • Interior system: INTERIOR in colour "Terra Structure"
  • Edging in colour "Satin Gray Structure"
[Translate to en:] maßgefertigter freistehender Schrank Schiebetüren mit Kassettenfüllung
  • Door programme: PINATO paint (colour of your choice)
  • Cover and exterior available in colour of your choice
  • Aluminium rails in colour “Golden Beige”

Unique and free-standing - A Cupboard made-to-measure by CABINET

Besides individually customised built-in wardrobes, CABINET also offers customised free-standing wardrobes manufactured precisely according to your requirements. Due to the flexibility design, not only the dimensions and the design are freely selectable, but also the interior can be designed according to personal requirements.

You decide how many shelves and garment rails you need for the wardrobe, whether additional drawers must be integrated and how much storage room the wardrobe actually provides based on the measurements taken. Additional special features such as flexible handbag storage units, garment lifts and divided drawers will make your heart leap.

By opening one of our CABINETs, you will find out what you have been missing all along. The design of its interior is just as individual as its owner. And what exactly would you be interested in?

CABINET provides a wide range of different materials, colours and textures to ensure an impressive appearance of the wardrobe. Real wood, glass and faux leather are only three of the many different surfaces, from which you can select your favourites. Upon request, wardrobe fronts and interiors can be perfectly coordinated.

Stylish, but also high quality: CABINET aspires to process high quality materials only in the in-house manufacture near Cologne. This ensures the production of a one of a kind wardrobe, the functionality of which is particularly impressive inside and out.