CABINET – not simply modern furniture, but an ingenious, customisable wardrobe system with great attention to detail. A system that can be ideally adapted to personal lifestyles and living spaces in terms of design, function and style – because we always put people’s needs first. With their special desires, their very own systems of organisation and their personalities, which they also wish to express with their individual interior design. Our customers can always rely on their CABINET being made in Germany – always unique in its intelligent design and aesthetics.

Tradition and Innovation

The history of CABINET began in 1838 with the founding of the “Joseph Greven” timber business. Michael Greven, who later became the founder and owner of CABINET and who trained at and worked in his great-grandfather’s timber business, just like his father, recognised the need to specialise back in the 1960s – just as the first DIY shops were becoming popular. As an importer of technical products for cabinetmaking, during his travels through North America in the late 1970s he encountered an entirely different way of thinking concerning wardrobes than was common in Germany at that time. Here, sliding doors were used on rails between the floor and the ceiling. They usually closed a niche from wall to wall, creating a practically usable storage space behind it. Michael Greven recognised the great potential behind this simple solution and, after returning to Germany, starting with simple construction sets, little by little he developed a high-quality sliding-door built-in wardrobe system that included all of the related services.

And we are still dynamically enhancing this idea today. That is how, over the years, countless further refinements were added to the innovative, CABINET-patented technology, thanks to which our sliding doors are as simple and light as a feather to operate. These include exceptional materials and design possibilities, such as the fabric or paper coverings, the individual printing of the fronts and innovative technology such as automatic and TV screen doors.

The CABINET Manufakture – Built-in wardrobes made in Germany

Before the completed wardrobe systems can be installed in our customers’ homes, a great many single steps need be carried out, to which we happily dedicate ourselves. From comprehensive consulting and detailed planning to the manufacturing of the individualised furniture system in our plant near Cologne.

Attractive design meets high quality

Only the best is good enough for us. That’s why we at CABINET place great emphasis on quality down to the last detail. From selecting the materials right down to the smallest screw. The use of safety glass for every glass door is therefore a matter of course for us, just like the selection of materials and our production in accordance with the highest German environmental standards.

All materials used are always processed with state-of-the-art technology combined with precise workmanship at our manufacturing plant in Kerpen. Every CABINET therefore becomes a beautiful, highly functional, unique piece, custom-made for you from the outer surface to the smallest shelf.

For lifelong delight with your CABINET.

  • Made in Germany

    CABINET – a hallmark and a sign of outstanding quality for hand-picked, exquisite products, made exclusively in Germany.

  • Tested glass safety

    CABINET – tested glass safety means shatter protection, for example by means of safety or laminated safety glass.

  • Roller technology – a ten-year guarantee

    CABINET gives a ten-year guarantee on the perfect functioning of its sliding door roller technology.

Door systems

The shape and colour of the frame determine the door system’s overall impact. For most systems, a range of colours are available. Moreover, you have the option to have some of the frames painted in the colour of your choice.



Whatever you wish, almost anything is possible: mirrored, satined or patterned glass, painted, papered, genuine wood veneer or wood design, oiled bamboo, fine meshwork, covered with the customer’s own fabrics or – especially individual – printed with CABIprint® to suit your taste.



Depending on the type of door selected – whether hinged or sliding door – the body is either connected or not connected with the front. The bodies are also manufactured to order and can mostly be used independently from the doors. Numerous designs are available that vary in colour, material, type of accessories and details.